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Jun 29, 2008

Deep-C Ads Jun 29, 2008

On June 30th, tomorrow night, I will attempt to halt all Deep-C links affiliate pages since she is not allowing any PTC sites for those pages. If you have any ads running, please go in and change them. If not, I will try to do it BUT I cannot promise that I can halt the ads in time to not get your page suspended. I will try. Then I will go thru and return credits to accounts.

Jun 27, 2008

SITE CHANGES Jun 27, 2008

Dear Members- I am sorry to keep doing this LOL but we are making one last change. We are going back to the way we were!!! The memberships are back and in place There are more items in the point store to purchase You can even purchase items for other sites!!! I have put the links back where you can see them BUT Please use the 'click here to view ads' button For right now - the PTP is open to all members and all sites I am restructing the downlines this weekend Since I continue to delete inactives and Bots that i catch, i now have lots of unreferred members I will let you know this weekend what kind of specials there will be for referrals Once again, Sorry for changing again I hope that this will be the last time until the writers of the scripts find a way to fix the issues that we don't like Thank you for your time and patience Tammie - Mumsof6

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